William (Bill) Edwards

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William  (Bill) Edwards
Residing In: Marietta, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Lynn
Occupation: Financial Coaching - Teaching Legacy Journey yearly; retired Accenture consultant; retired ATT/BellSouth
Children: Jonathan Edwards - Maj, US Army (3rd Brigade; 1st Armored Div - Kuwait)
Shannon Edwards - Amazon.com More…; fashion designer see -
URL http://shannonlynnette.com/
Military Service: US Army - Captain MI (ASA) (1969-72 Germany)  
Yes! Attending Reunion

At the Pig 'N whistle was a big burly bouncer that was interrupting our adventures in looking for girls outside of our car. Previously during the week, we had captured a 6ft black rat snake. I wrapped this snake around my arm as we drove to the Pig 'N Whistle one night. Out of our car, doing our thing - sure enough, here comes the bouncer. He got within 3 ft of me as i uncovered the hidden snake wrapped around my arm. One look at the snake & he began to stammer as he walked backwards, telling us he was calling the police. Payback was fun !

Randy Driggers(64) and I drove from Macon back to school - Auburn, Ala. - about 100 miles. In route his car alternator failed outside of Columbus, Ga. Soon it was night running the engine on battery power & no head lights to conserve energy. Going through Phoenix City, Al we were compelled to stop at a light. Beyond belief, police were behind us and car died (wouldn't go). The police got out the patrol car & helped us push start the car through the traffic light, thus we coasted & restarted the engine. We assured them we could make it, even as the weak battery was barely able to move the car. Somehow we managed several lights and made it through the city. Once outside the city, we turned the car lights off again. From the passenger seat with the window down (very cold night), I held a flashlight outside to see the road as we drove the back farm road to Auburn. However it provided some limited light & eventually we coasted into Auburn, Al. We were true tigers.

Hobbies: sailing; snow skiing very high in the Alps; Ca; Nevada

Instructor/facilitator - advising/instructing "HOW" to improve ones net worth since 2009 using D Ramsey model.

Ga Diaster Recovery Team - Lots of hurricanes - and experiences :) Soon to deploy to La for flood recovery.

School Story:

Girls were always top priority. After my HS car - a '59 VW was sold, i worked 3 solid years part time to buy cash - '66 Cutlass Olds 442, Hursh 4 speed, dual exhaust. Met a car full on girls sitting on hood of the car at Pig N' Whistle. One later became my wife. Sold the car to buy an engagement ring. We were married in Feb '69 before going on active duty - US Army Security Agency. Children are now grown & we are empty nesters with a cat - go figure.

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Hi Stan - Bill edwards here. Remember our HS days in VW and double dating. Remember our famous trip down new I-75 to daytona. Almost ran out of gas in my VW at the southern boarder of Ga. Going off the Interstate we found gas and continued. As i remember it, your VW was very new, while mine was older 1959.


-bill e.

Jun 15, 2018 at 12:44 PM
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Jun 15, 2018 at 12:41 PM

we are now back into my original dream formed in High School - cars ... fast and furious. Lynn and i last Sunday (6/10/2018) were at Road Atlanta driving laps at unbelievable speeds and then up through North Ga mountains on tour. Here is a picture of us at the top of the Dragons Tail ...
We also are into Disaster Relief. Latest was Houston flood. Also part of Ga Disaster relief efforts with a chainsaw certification - crazy but a real rush.

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hi Terry --- what Dude ranch are u at ? Send me the website, thus i can check it out. I saw ur pricture album of early school years but none afterward. I was looking to the picture of the 59 Ford after it hit the tree in burress's backyard as we waved to you while playing basketball.
cheers, -bill edwards