William (Bill) Edwards

Profile Updated: February 26, 2019
Residing In: Marietta, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Lynn
Occupation: Financial Coaching - Teaching Legacy Journey yearly; retired Accenture consultant; retired ATT/BellSouth
Children: Jonathan Edwards - Maj, US Army (3rd Brigade; 1st Armored Div - Kuwait)
Shannon Edwards - Amazon.com More…; fashion designer see -
URL http://shannonlynnette.com/
Military Service: US Army - Captain MI (ASA) (1969-72 Germany)  

At the Pig 'N whistle was a big burly bouncer that was interrupting our adventures in looking for girls outside of our car. Previously during the week, we had captured a 6ft black rat snake. I wrapped this snake around my arm as we drove to the Pig 'N Whistle one night. Out of our car, doing our thing - sure enough, here comes the bouncer. He got within 3 ft of me as i uncovered the hidden snake wrapped around my arm. One look at the snake & he began to stammer as he walked backwards, telling us he was calling the police. Payback was fun !

Randy Driggers(64) and I drove from Macon back to school - Auburn, Ala. - about 100 miles. In route his car alternator failed outside of Columbus, Ga. Soon it was night running the engine on battery power & no head lights to conserve energy. Going through Phoenix City, Al we were compelled to stop at a light. Beyond belief, police were behind us and car died (wouldn't go). The police got out the patrol car & helped us push start the car through the traffic light, thus we coasted & restarted the engine. We assured them we could make it, even as the weak battery was barely able to move the car. Somehow we managed several lights and made it through the city. Once outside the city, we turned the car lights off again. From the passenger seat with the window down (very cold night), I held a flashlight outside to see the road as we drove the back farm road to Auburn. However it provided some limited light & eventually we coasted into Auburn, Al. We were true tigers.

On the night before college graduation 1968, my long time best friend from before Lanier HS & my Auburn college room mate & I drove from Auburn into Columbus Ga and Phenix City Ala in my 442 olds. Back in '68, Phenix city was not a place to hang out... but we got the urge. Driving the main highway, I got a ticket courtesy Alabama. We continued on to our destinations. After many hours and refreshments, time to leave. Yep you guess it... Phenix City police were watching the local place as we left an hour of so after midnight. They flash the lights, we stop and talk. They ask for drivers license, so i pull out the receipt from the Ala folks earlier. They look at us and then ask -- "do you think you can drive this back to Auburn and keep it between the ditches?". I readily confirmed & off we went. I took the farm road back thus to avoid any further engagements. En route, my roommate midway, tells me, he has to 'pee". I am still driving.. about 5 minutes later, he repeats same. I said OK... and applied the brakes, extremely hard. We slide down the farm road for about 50 to 75 ft , finally stopping sideways in the middle of the road. ... Next day graduation, parents, my future wife and the whole routine. Then commissioning into the US Army - ready for who knows what - I sure didnt. As we (my wife & I) had no clue of the world events & southeast Asia. We didnt watch ABC; NBC, Lyndon Johnson speeches nor Walter Cronkite.

Hobbies: sailing; snow skiing very high in the Alps; Ca; Nevada

Lately in past 2 years 2017, we were able to buy a long time dream car - Porsche 911 Carrera S. "Blackie" as Lynn calls it. ...
How it happened : Just after we were married, then by Gods grace I was "ordered" no less by US Army to West Germany. There we joined in with the Germans - skiing, traveling and of course fast aggressive "spirited" driving. We bought a 1970 Porsche 911T and drove it in most of Europe...or at least where our security clearance would allow. (as i was a member of a small intelligence gathering group actively doing "our thing" on the Soviets and communist countries active military units"... yes spying). We went to Monte-Carlo Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 and then to Germany Grand Prix - Nurburgring F1. We enjoyed snow skiing in the high Alps, Austria & Switzerland and traveling to Paris, Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice & etc). Driving on the autobahn and back mountain roads in a Porsche is a rush. In those days - 124 mph flat out. To test the car, we drove from Augsberg Germany to Amsterdam averaging a speed of 90 MPH. WOW. I even extended in the Army to continue for a while. Thus allowing us to attend the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Due issues beyond our control we could only obtain one ticket. But we both got in by passing the ticket back through a fence in an umbrella. Thus after Lynn, i got in on the same ticket. A few days later, they closed early as ya'll know the story.
Back in the US, we got an Opel followed by a Porsche 914. Then sold it as children came along. Fast forward to 2017, after planning, shopping and so forth, back to the cars. Dealer here in Atlanta invited us to a German party event -- and there it was, "the car". 3 days later we have it, then joined the Porsche club here in Atlanta. One of the most active clubs in the US. My wife enjoys the "spirited" fast drives on tours in North Ga mountains, Tenn hills and of course east carolinas. "Its a rush" with about 50 Porsches on tour drives in these mountains. Further we have taken 9 laps on Road Atlanta at speeds we only vaguely remember from the German autobahns. The car exhaust noise is incredible. If you are a motorcycle person or like the thrill of fast driving in a car, take a turn through "the tail of the dragon". Its a rush. We did it barely exceeding 60+mph which is fast in a car!

Today: Financial Coach/Instructor/facilitator - advising/instructing to prepare for future by managing money without stress. Then "how to" manage money Gods way to leave a Legacy. Following Dave Ramsey model since 2008.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church & Ga Disaster Recovery Team - Lots of hurricanes; floods & experiences since early 2000's.... Recent was Hurricane Michael in Bainbridge Ga - cutting tress and opening driveways for access

School Story:

Girls were always top priority. After my HS car - a '59 VW was sold, i worked 3 solid years part time to buy with cash - '66 Cutlass Olds 442, Hurst shift 4 speed, dual exhaust. Met a car full on girls sitting on hood of the car at Pig N' Whistle. One later became my wife. Sold the '66 Olds car to buy an engagement ring. We were married in Feb '69 before going on active duty - US Army Security Agency. Children are now grown & we are empty nesters with a cat - go figure.

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Hi Terry, as you are the only one i know in Macon who will probably attend the 55th reunion, just a brief comment to wish yall the best as we can not attend due to another engagement tour. I havent seen Johnny Hendley (your neighbor ) since Bobby Morgan passed away back in early 2001. Thus i doubt Johnny will attend either as i see he is not registered on this site. Hope to see you at another time. Cheers

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Hi Stan - Bill edwards here. Remember our HS days in VW and double dating. Remember our famous trip down new I-75 to daytona. Almost ran out of gas in my VW at the southern boarder of Ga. Going off the Interstate we found gas and continued. As i remember it, your VW was very new, while mine was older 1959.


-bill e.

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we are now back into my original dream formed in High School - cars ... fast and furious. Lynn and i last Sunday (6/10/2018) were at Road Atlanta driving laps at unbelievable speeds and then up through North Ga mountains on tour. Here is a picture of us at the top of the Dragons Tail ...
We also are into Disaster Relief. Latest was Houston flood. Also part of Ga Disaster relief efforts with a chainsaw certification - crazy but a real rush.

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hi Terry --- what Dude ranch are u at ? Send me the website, thus i can check it out. I saw ur pricture album of early school years but none afterward. I was looking to the picture of the 59 Ford after it hit the tree in burress's backyard as we waved to you while playing basketball.
cheers, -bill edwards

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